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Mr. Bouyant Enyiorji
President, NANJ

Mr. Chairman, Former Attorney General of Abia State, Honored Guests, Ndi-Eze, Ngwa National Executive, Chapter Presidents, Distinguished members of Ngwa Association Of New Jersey, Ladies and Gentlemen:

On behalf of my wife Chidi Enyiorji, NANJ executive and members Ngwa Association of New Jersey I would like to welcome each and every one of you for your time to honor our invitation for the School Project Rehabilitation Fund-Raising Event and launching of the 2006/2007 Almanac. As you all know preparation of event of this nature requires a lot of financial support and manpower. On that note, I must extend my special thanks to the Fundraising Committtee chaired by the Vice President, Mr. Henry Nwokonko, NANJ executive and all members of Ngwa Association of New Jersey for their support and thoughtful advises to see that this Fund-raising event was a successful one.

It is not easy to tell you of the happiness which your presence brings to an already full heart. I shall long remember the sacrifice, which you made to come here to grace this occasion. I earnestly hope that this fund-raising was not a trespass upon your busy schedule.
The purpose of tonight's event is to raise funds for the rehabilitation of our dilapidated schools in Ngwa land. Most of you that have visited home recently will agree with me that the schools that our children, brothers and sisters study in are in deplorable condition that requires our urgent attention. Our children have suffered so much that sometimes you look into their faces and you wonder...' how can they possibly experience happiness again?

It is because of all these problems that our esteemed organization invites you tonight to help us raise funds for the rehabilitation of these schools. On behalf of all us in Ngwa Association of New Jersey, I'd like to you appeal for your generous donation to help us to ameliorate this suffering of our children studying under these run down buildings. We hope to spend the money raised here tonight to rehabilitate some of the schools in Ngwa Land. As a tax-exempt status organization, your generous donation is tax deductible.


NGWA Association of New Jersey 2007